Article in the Guardian on the impact of the Olympic Park

A friend of my sent me link to an interesting article in the Guardian by Alexandra Topping. The article looks at the impact of the development of the Olympic Park and its connection to the surrounding area:

An alternative Olympic tour takes in Hackney's art, history and fashions

The article in many ways touches upon what I am trying to achieve in my project. Have a look and see for yourself and please feel free to leave comment on the blog.


  1. Very interesting. Shame there's no facility for comments on the Guardian website for this article!

  2. I remember being amazed when I first moved to Walthamstow that it was possible to head closer to the centre of London and then walk for several hours entirely through green space - around Walthamstow Marshes, Hackney Marshes, the Waterworks, Springfield Park - I always did enjoy the juxtaposition of views of the city from walthamstow marshes, and they've changed dramatically over recent years - not only with the olympic park, but the Gherkin and Shard too. It's always felt a bit like a hinterland between different worlds - I don't know if that will change, even with the focus on it through the olympics. A really interesting jumping off point for your artworks.


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