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Solo Exhibition at the Tokarska Gallery, London

I have great pleasure to inform you that I have been invited to show my work in a solo exhibition at Tokarska Gallery in East London. See the gallery web-site for more detail.  The exhibition will show the artwork created for my project ‘Changing Spaces’ which received funding from Arts Council England and support from the Lee Valley Park Authority. The project focused on the visual impact of the development of the Olympic Park created and its relationship with the Lee Valley Park. From this concept Jonathan produce a series of ten 3-dimensional abstract works that interacts with the changing environment around the Olympic Park and its inherent connectedness to the wider context of the 26 mile long, 10,000 acre Lee Valley Regional Park. Using recycled building materials and found objects from both of these parks I created a number of wall-mounted sculptures that explore regeneration and the natural and industrial history of the area.…