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2015 E17 Art Trail

Me and the E17 Art Trail 2015: See link for details
I am pleased to say that I will be part of this years E17 Art Trail. This will be my 5th year taking part in the Trail and I will be opening my new studio to show some of my most recent artwork. My studio is housed in the Lloyd Park Studios behind the Award winning William Morris Gallery.

The preview will be from 6 - 8pm on the 12 June. The studio will be open to the general public on 13 and 14 June from 12 - 6pm. The address is Lloyd Park Studios, Lloyd Park, Forest Road, London, E17 5EH

The E17 Art Trail is now one of the key cultural events in London. Now in its 11th year the Trail has played a vital role in Waltham Forest's cultural profile. The event has created an annual focus for the Borough where Waltham Forest has establish a clear identity were you can feel part of a wider community. The Art Trail has also helped to create a strong argument on the how …