Monday 4 May 2015

2015 E17 Art Trail

Me and the E17 Art Trail 2015: See link for details

I am pleased to say that I will be part of this years E17 Art Trail. This will be my 5th year taking part in the Trail and I will be opening my new studio to show some of my most recent artwork. My studio is housed in the Lloyd Park Studios behind the Award winning William Morris Gallery.

The preview will be from 6 - 8pm on the 12 June. The studio will be open to the general public on 13 and 14 June from 12 - 6pm. The address is Lloyd Park Studios, Lloyd Park, Forest Road, London, E17 5EH

The E17 Art Trail is now one of the key cultural events in London. Now in its 11th year the Trail has played a vital role in Waltham Forest's cultural profile. The event has created an annual focus for the Borough where Waltham Forest has establish a clear identity were you can feel part of a wider community. The Art Trail has also helped to create a strong argument on the how cultural events and activities can further social and economic regeneration of an area. The major efforts to save and revitalise the William Morris Gallery with funding was secured to bring this now major cultural venue back to life is a central part of cultural regeneration in our borough.

One of the major assets that underpins the Art Trail each year is the artists, of course I would say this because I'm one of the artists. But an art trail wouldn't be an art trail without art and the artists that create it. A lot of personal time and resources goes into producing the artwork and the events that showcase the artwork. We all have personal reasons as artists why we get involved in the Art Trail but I think the common denominator for us all is that the E17 Art Trail is a great way of creating public engagement around our work and practice. The general public has a great opportunity to see some of the best artistic talent in London for FREE, and to buy a piece of cultural at an affordable price.

But the E17 Art Trail wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the efforts of Laura Kerry, Morag McGuire and Cris Thompson and its supporters. On a personnel level the Art Trail has become a major event to be involved in as professional artist and I hope to be involved at some level over the next 11 years.  

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