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New artwork to celebrate the refounding of the London Irish Cultural Centre

A few months ago Collette Mackin, director of the Irish Cultural Centre in London asked me to donate a piece of artwork to help raise money for the redevelopment of the Irish centre in West London, my response was no. Instead I suggested that I would produce a specific piece of art, which reflected the development new centre and its aspirations to promote ground breaking, contemporary culture.

My first thought was to produce a sculpture using recycled building materials from the development of the new cultural centre. But when I met Collette over lunch to discuss the idea she had other ideas. From under the table Collette proceed to pull out a large heavy bag to asking me, “Can you do anything with these”? I opened the bag and peered into it, to find a large quantity of keys. The keys came from the old cultural centre, demolished to make way for the new building. Each key unlocked, doors, cabinets, storage space, lockers, filing cabinets and other locks of other descriptions. I took th…