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Chicken Surprise

In 2014 I created a new piece of artwork for the E17 Art Trail called Chicken Surprise.

For the E17 Art Trail I was invited by The E17 Art House to produce a new piece of artwork which explores the theme of Zoology. With this I focused my attention on chicken and the consumption of this zoological animal. I constructed the artwork from discarded chicken bones to reflect the idea that Walthamstow is visually dominated by chicken takeaways, in turn impacting on our visual culture.

Although this piece of artwork is a slight departure from my general theme, the basic premise is the same: collecting discarded materials and turning the objects into art. The reason I decided to explore the use of chicken bones for this exhibition was based on a campaign by my local authority (Waltham Forest which they ran 4 years ago) on the plight of fast food chicken shops.  At the time the Council was concerned about the amount of chicken shops springing up along our high streets and there easy rea…