Friday, 15 June 2012

Notes from a a hanging

Q) Congratulations. It's all hung and ready to go. Apart from the sculpture how many works did you end up producing and are you happy with the way things look?

Thanks. I ended up with a total of eleven wall mounted works now hanging neatly in the Waterworks! Given the size constraints of my studio, it wasn't until the day of the hanging that I could actually see the eleven works together in a large enough space for them all to be visible. So I was really quite nervous about how things would work out and whether the individual pieces would cohere as a single conceptual show within the space.

So I am very happy and relieved at how smoothly the hanging went and how the show looks. It is great to finally be able to see it all together but I have to say a huge thanks to Neil Irons who helped me to hang the show.

There are a whole list of people I would like to thank actually so here goes.... 
  • Arts Council England for funding the project 
  • All the team from the Waterworks Nature Reserve and Lee Valley Park Authority especially Angela Oliva, Manager at the Waterworks and Dave Farthing, Waterworks Park Ranger (who is now an expert in conceptual art!) 
  • The ODA who gave me access to the Olympic Park which helped inform the development of the  project 
  • Neil Irons who continues to be a positive critic of my work and ensures I don't mess it up totally! 
  • Valerie Grove who has done a brilliant job in conveying the project and the artwork through this blog 
  • Tim Bennett Goodman who has always been a very good friend and support to me, and the wider cultural community of Waltham Forest 
  • Thomas Hardy for his support and advice and for being a big fan of my work. 
  • Andy Rogers, the Irish Embassy in Britain and also the Irish World Newspaper for support and encouragement
  • Fiona Audley and Malcolm McNally from the Irish Post Newspaper 
  • George Nott from the Waltham Forest Guardian 
  • And finally .....  Sarah Morgan, who has constantly been there for me. 
Thank you all very much and see you tomorrow!  

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  1. Tim Bennett-Goodman17 June 2012 at 03:25

    The launch event yesterday was a triumph and, as you say, it was great to see the works hanging together at last. The tree in the grounds is really striking and making a virtue of necessity has really paid dividends. Congratulations.


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